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5 Reasons To Get A Drain Cleaning


You know how easy it is for a drain to become clogged. It can happen at the most inopportune time, and more than just being a hassle to deal with, it can be a struggle to fix on your own. What happens when a clogged drain wreaks havoc on a larger scale?

Bringing in a professional plumber to perform drain cleaning services can prevent these massive problems – and do so much more. Here are five reasons to get a drain cleaning today!

Stop Recurring Clogs


Drain cleaningIf clogs are a problem that keeps coming up at the worst possible times, you may have an accumulation of grease, fat, and oils in your drain. Over-the-counter drain cleaners can provide a temporary solution, but that’s what they are at best – temporary. Calling a professional drain cleaning service can give your whole system the treatment it needs. 


Prevent Health Hazards And Building Damage


Water damage from a clean water pipe is bad enough, but damage from a wastewater leak is even more devastating. Unsanitary water is packed with illness-inducing bacteria and harmful chemicals while also causing discoloration to any building materials it contacts. Once the damage is done, it is costly to repair or replace. Drain cleaning services can stop this problem from occurring! 


Eliminate Awful Smells


Odd smells coming up from your drains are a sign that there is a build-up of waste in your plumbing. It could also mean the presence of mould – fungal spores love the dark, damp environment a home drain provides.

Professional drain cleaning services are the best way to take care of foul odours. The pros use highly pressurized water to blast away the dirt, sediment, and debris that’s been clinging to your pipes and causing the odours. 


You’ll Get A Much-Needed Diagnosis


Drain cleaningProfessional drain cleaners have tools that the average homeowner wouldn’t need to perform a complete examination of the drains. These days, the advanced plumber toolkit includes a special video camera that reaches deep into the pipe so that the expert can inspect the entire system and find the primary cause of the problem, whether it’s a build-up of grease, tree roots, or foreign objects. The plumber can then apply the correct solutions to fix the issue and prevent further damage.

It can even help with leaks. Sometimes, you won’t notice when there’s a water leak on your property until the utility provider sends you a high bill. It can be very frustrating, but drain cleaning services come with many secondary benefits – including an inspection and repair of your pipes or drains. The earlier they can identify a leak and fix it, the earlier your water bills will get lower.


It’s Safer And More Effective Than Doing It Yourself


As we mentioned above, when people can’t plunge a drain, they often attempt to flush out the clog with a chemical drain cleaner. The problem with drain cleaners is not just that they’re temporary – they can eat away at your pipes while eating away at the clog. Over time, the damage caused by the drain cleaner can result in more issues, such as more clogs, leaks, or even ruptures. Imagine what they could do to your body if handled improperly?

By bringing in a professional to perform your drain cleaning, you won’t have to handle hazardous chemicals that harm your plumbing!


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