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How Does Liquid Plumber Work?

Everything under the kitchen sink should be there for a reason. What exactly does that container labelled “liquid plumber” do? Can that one bottle really solve your plumbing problems?

We’re all in search of the ultimate product that will clean the whole house and make our lives easier. If only it were that simple! While it is incredibly powerful, the substance we call liquid plumber is limited in its uses and won’t ever replace drain cleaning services conducted by experts.

What Is Liquid Plumber For?


Liquid plumber can be used to clear a drain that contains standing water. Its formula is intended for use with slow-draining pipes. Do not pour liquid plumber into a toilet, and do not rely on it to dislodge any objects; it can clear the area around a stuck object, but it’s better to leave object removal to the professional plumbers, not liquid ones.

Like many chemicals, this product is specialized to be used under specific conditions. Liquid plumber is not intended for frequent use, as the concentration of chemicals can be damaging to your pipes. Absolutely do not pour liquid plumber down a rubber pipe!


What Happens When I Use Liquid Plumber?


The active ingredients in liquid plumbing chemicals are lye and bleach. Both of these ingredients are sodium compounds – lye is sodium hydroxide, and bleach is sodium hypochlorite. Upon being mixed with water, a chain reaction of corrosion occurs, so don’t touch! The liquid will blaze through the grease and food particles clinging to the insides of your drain.

If your shower drain is in need of some quick relief, the chemicals in liquid plumber are also strong enough to dissolve soap scum and hair. The warning labels on that bottle are there for a reason!


Is Liquid Plumber An All-In-One Cleaner?


Not all plumbing troubles can be solved with a dose of liquid plumber. Regularly refreshing your kitchen sink with the holistic combination of vinegar, baking soda, and boiling water can prevent noxious odors and grease buildup. This combination is significantly gentler on your skin as well and is even safe for children to use, if you need a hand around the house.

Keeping track of all the chemicals under your kitchen sink can get a bit dizzying. For advice on which products and at-home treatments work best, reach out to us.

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