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Signs You Need A Drain Repair


You probably don’t pay that much attention to the drains in your home or business – until they become a problem, that is. Don’t worry: you can spot many signs that you need a drain repair before they become widespread (and expensive) problems. Here’s what to pay attention to in your drain system!

Clogs Throughout The Building


One clog means there’s an obstruction in one specific drainpipe; many clogs or slow drains throughout the home or business mean you need drain repair as soon as possible. This is because multiple clogs can start with a problem at the sewer line. When the sewer line becomes backed up, it will cause sewage to go back up through the pipes in your building. It can slow drains and cause clogs in sinks, showers, and toilets. Emergencies in the sewer line require professional expertise to clean!


Bad Smells


DrainsWhen drains start releasing unpleasant odours that smell like sewage, you’ll need a plumber to perform a drain repair. Foul smells may tell you that there’s a sewage backup resulting from poor drainage. What’s stuck in the pipe is sending gases up through the p-trap, the question mark-shaped piping under kitchen and bathroom sinks.

It may not be a problem at the sewer line level, though. It could also be organic material stuck in your drainage system and is beginning to decompose. If the smell is only coming from one drain, don’t start worrying!


Damp Spots On Your Lawn


When there’s water pooling on your lawn, it could mean you have a pipe or sewer leak that needs repairs. When the sewer line or septic tank line springs a leak, the wastewater will begin to rise to the surface and create damp pools that emit noxious odours.

Another sign is when your lawn – or a particular section of it – looks a little too good. A leak could be fertilizing your grass, adding a nutrient boost that you probably don’t want!


Water Stains In The Basement


If you see water pooling in your basement or near a floor drain, it could be a sign that you have a clog in your system. If you don’t deal with this problem promptly, it can become a much more serious matter. If you notice standing water, get professional servicing right away!

Be cautious about any water stains that start to show up in your basement. It’s an indication that sewage is starting to back up because of poor drainage.


Sounds Coming From Drains


DrainsIt’s not normal for a drain to make noises, and any gurgling you hear likely comes from an airflow problem created by a clog. Usually, this means there’s a problem with water displacing air in your system, and it’s most noticeable when you flush or run water.

Often, the starting point for a check-up is the plumbing air vent on your roof, as there may be debris clogging it. However, a professional plumber is the best person to diagnose and solve the issue before it goes from noise to something worse!


Drain Repair For Southwestern Ontario: Make Drain Tech Plumbing Your Go-To For Services


Do you have drains that are acting up? It’s necessary to repair any issues while they are still only a nuisance before they transform into giant headaches. If you detect any of the signs on this list, don’t wait – call the professionals at DrainTech Plumbing today!

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