Warning Signs of a Sewage Backup


The main sewer line connects to the entire plumbing system inside a home. Because of how many parts of the home rely on it, it can easily clog up, taking the many drains, pipes, and other plumbing fixtures out with it. A blocked sewage backup is more than a mess to clean – it’s a hazard to your health and property.

When there’s a sewage backup forming, most of the plumbing fixtures will back up, too. When you detect any of the following warning signs, it’s likely a clogged sewer!

Drains Are Simultaneously Clogged


SewageOne clogged drain is bad enough, though the culprit behind it is often trapped hair or grease that has solidified to clog the drain. A simple clearing of these blockages will allow water to flow down the drain again. However, when you experience simultaneous clogs, you have a much bigger problem.

Blocked drains in different parts of the home mean wastewater is not passing through the main sewage line. Often, the drains in the lower parts of the house will be affected first. The problem can be even worse when it affects rarely used drains, such as those in guest bathrooms – damage can go undetected for longer.


The Toilets Are Slow To Flush


When something’s wrong with the toilet – e.g. the water in the bowl no longer swirls water down the drain – you might have a larger sewer drain issue on your hands. A homeowner might plunge the toilet to clear out any clogs within the pipes. If plunging does not help the water flow, the sewer line might be backed up, requiring professional attention.


You Detect Foul Smells From The Drains


SewageWhen you suddenly start to smell foul odours from your drains, it could be a sign that there’s a problem with the main sewer line. It’s an obvious sign: household drains do not produce noxious smells. Working drains will take wastewater out of the home, so you should not have any stenches indoors.


Water Backs Up In Other Drains


A common sign that there’s a sewage backup is when one drain causes issues in another. Is flushing your toilet causing the bathtub drain to make a gurgling sound? When this gurgle goes on, it’s a sign that the flow from the flushed toilet is blocked and looking for another route to the main line.

Similarly, when there’s a sewage line blockage, the water from the washing machine can lead to the water bubbling in the toilet. Similar warnings of sewage backups include when you run the water in one sink and the water in the toilet starts to rise or bubble.

If you detect any of these problems, call DrainTech Plumbing as soon as possible. Sewage contains bacteria, toxins, and biohazards from human waste, meaning homeowners should never come into direct contact with the effluence. Rather than clean it yourself, consult professionals with experience with disaster restoration; the sewage can become absorbed in porous building materials, causing permanent structural damage.

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