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What Causes Plumbing Leaks?

No one wants to deal with a plumbing leak, but it can be hard to avoid. Plumbing leaks can cause a lot of damage and can be expensive to fix, so it is important to understand what causes them. In this post, we will discuss the most common causes of plumbing leaks and how you can prevent them from happening in your home.

Leaky Pipes

water leakingThere are many different causes of plumbing leaks, but some are more common than others. One of the most common causes is a leaky pipe. Leaky pipes can be caused by a number of things, including corrosion, damage to the pipe, or bad sealant. If you have a leaky pipe, it is important to get it fixed as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

Valve Issues

Another common cause of plumbing leaks is a faulty valve. Valves can become damaged over time, and this can cause them to leak. If you have a faulty valve, it is important to get it replaced as soon as possible so that you do not have to deal with the consequences of a leak.

High Water Pressure

Pipes can only withstand a certain level of water pressure before bursting. The greater the force with which your water impacts your pipes, the more damage they sustain. This pressure can occasionally cause pipes to burst. After shutting off an appliance, you will almost always notice a random leak.

Sudden Temperature Changes

leaky pipeMetal pipes contract and expand with temperature changes in extreme cold and heat. In Southwestern Ontario, you will notice this often during the seasons changing. Rapid temperature fluctuations can force your pipes to expand or contract rapidly, resulting in fractures, leaks, and even bursts.

Untreated Drain Clogging

Clogs may appear to be a minor annoyance around the house but they may indicate an underlying problem. These clogs and obstructions can sometimes contain corrosive elements and hazardous substances. These substances can eat away at your pipe and create leaks eventually.

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