Video Camera Drain Inspections

Why Do I Need A Video Drain Inspection?


In the past, plumbers had to work on many assumptions. No tool could uncover the state of the interior of the pipes they had to repair, meaning the bulk of the work had to go on educated assumptions. Technology has raised the bar, and now, there’s a lot less guesswork in the plumbing industry – it saves us a lot of time and you a lot of money!

One of the best tools for the job is the video camera. It helps us assess plumbing problems and provide the right solutions. Why would you need a video drain inspection?

What Is A Video Drain Inspection?


We have a special video camera connected to a flexible cable, and we insert both into the main sewer line cleanout or vent stack, snaking through the pipes. Back above ground, a monitor shows us – and you! – what’s going on in your pipes.

The video drain inspection lets us perform many tasks. We can find lines by pinpointing the camera’s underground location, determine the type of system you have and what the pipes are made from, and show you the exact plumbing problem.

For plumbers, video drain inspections have made the job easier. We save time and resources while keeping the disruptions as minimal as possible. The industry has seen a lot of improvements since the introduction of this technology – how could they help you?


Why Do I Need A Video Drain Inspection? Eliminating Guesswork


Many things can cause drainage backups. A video drain inspection can determine where the blockage or problem is and what’s causing it before we get to work! It helps us know if there’s a line breakage, if tree roots have penetrated the pipe, or if you have flushed too much toilet paper. 

Before video drain inspections, plumbers had to guess based on the nature of the problem and what the customer told them. If they made the right assumption, they reduced the time spent digging into paved surfaces, walls, and lawns. If they were wrong, though, they had to dig deeper and farther to find the problem. Now, a video camera can eliminate the guesswork!

A drain camera provides valuable, accurate information to the plumber that will assist in considering a thorough drain cleaning. It shows the exact location of the problem, the depth, and the degree of severity of the problem. The information helps us get the job done the first time.


Video Drain Inspections Make Solving Plumbing Problems More Simple


Video drain inspections also simplify the plumbing process! Most of your home’s drainage lines sit below your foundation – about 4 or 5 five inches of thick concrete – and another two feet of dirt. Rather than tear through all this material to see the problem, we send a video camera down!

If you’re a homeowner with a plumbing problem, our video drain inspection services can make sense of the issue and ensure we can handle it with minimal intrusiveness. Let us show you what’s clogging your pipes!

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